[RC5] Q: DOS & OS/2 clients offline .

Muni Savyon muni at la-ma.org
Wed Mar 25 17:34:58 EST 1998

Hi ..

Hope this is the place to ask - sorry if it's not ...

I run several machines off line, and I wanted to install
the rc5 client on them. The Linux machine works just
fine with the -runbuffers option, but both the DOS
and the OS/2 clients terminate immediately . I do exactly
the same thing on the Linix and on the DOS and OS/2 
machines - anyone has any ideas ?

What I do:

 - Downloaded the clients
 - installed on the different machines
 - On an on-line system (running win95): set buffers to 100:100
   and update. MOVE the *.rc5 files to the Linux machine. 
   Repeat for DOS, repeat for OS/2.
 - Run the client with the -runbuffers option .

Again, on the Linux machine it works fine, on the DOS and OS/2
the program starts, display the openning message, selects the 
processor type and exits. 

Anyone has any ideas ?

Thanks ..

 muni (Libertarians for Privacy, group 1661) .

Muni Savyon    muni at la-ma.org
The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts        http://www.la-ma.org/
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