[RC5] Optimizing client

Alan_Young at mtn.3com.com Alan_Young at mtn.3com.com
Thu Mar 26 10:06:00 EST 1998

I apologize if this has been hashed over already, especially if it was
recent, but does anyone have any hints, tips or ideas on optimizing the
client for Windows 95.

By optimize, I don't mean modifying the code but setting up the ini file
for best performance under Windows 95 OSR2 (with all the stuffings), IE 4
(with all the stuffings), etc.

Also, is there a way I can set the client up to automagically change it's
CPU setting at certain times?  For example, I want it to be 0 (Nice) during
the day, but after I leave I want it to go to 2 (Normal).  Additionally,
can I tell the client to hog the CPU (for when I'm not here)?

Thanks for your time and consideration.


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