[RC5] Optimizing client

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Thu Mar 26 20:58:02 EST 1998

At 12:06 PM 26/03/98 , you wrote:
>I apologize if this has been hashed over already, especially if it was
>recent, but does anyone have any hints, tips or ideas on optimizing the
>client for Windows 95.
>By optimize, I don't mean modifying the code but setting up the ini file
>for best performance under Windows 95 OSR2 (with all the stuffings), IE 4
>(with all the stuffings), etc.

Well with that much bloat it might be a bit tricky, but there are some things
you can do.
If your using the GUI client, you can keep it minimized all the time. This
seems to make a slight difference. Also you can turn off the exitfile checking
(noexitfilecheck=1 in the ini), turn off the progressmeter (according to the
.hlp file, its percentprintingsoff=1 in the ini), and if your really
set your block size higher to cut down on network traffic
(preferredblocksize=31 is the highest it'll go). Each one will help out a
little bit. The best thing you can do is find any programs that are using up
cpu cycles needlessly (screen savers, the Microsoft Office Find Fast File
Indexer, Quickfind, Icq if your not on the computer, The low disk space
notification program that runs by default every 15 minutes if System Agent is
installed, etc etc) and turn them off. 

One way of identifying programs that are taking up your cpu cycles is to run
WinTop (its one of the Kernel Powertoy Things, buried somewhere in
http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/). It shows you what programs are using how
much of your cpu. Then you can go out and turn them off. :)

(if you have the Active Desktop on, that most likely is a great killer of
cycles too, I've noticed it has the effect of bringing a perfectly good
to its knees).

>Also, is there a way I can set the client up to automagically change it's
>CPU setting at certain times?  For example, I want it to be 0 (Nice) during
>the day, but after I leave I want it to go to 2 (Normal).  Additionally,
>can I tell the client to hog the CPU (for when I'm not here)?

I don't think so, short of making some kind of small program that would shut
down the client, change the ini file (or stick in a new one with the new
setting), and restart the client. Then it would have to repeat this process to
put things back when you get near the computer again. Really you don't have to
change the priority when your AFK, if you have nothing else running, the Rc5
client will use all the cpu cycles, no matter what niceness settings are. Of
course if that pesky file indexer comes on, well then you have a problem. :)
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