[RC5] Optimizing client

Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Thu Mar 26 23:27:34 EST 1998

=> Also, is there a way I can set the client up to automagically change it's
=> CPU setting at certain times?  For example, I want it to be 0 (Nice) during
=> the day, but after I leave I want it to go to 2 (Normal).  Additionally,
=> can I tell the client to hog the CPU (for when I'm not here)?

Hmmm... Don't know about the rest (optimizations for the OS. I don't think
there is much that can be done short of closing out every process on the
machine), but the last part would sound like a good situation for running the 
CLI client called from a batch job. The CLI can be set to run for X amount of 
time and then quit out. 

My idea would be to have several INI files (each with the different run 
states) which the batch file would copy into place before restarting the 
client. Only downside is it wouldn't be very hidden (hmmmm.. Sounds like an 
even better reason to use the CLI client in conjunction with AT on a WinNT 
box. There's a way to "turn on" AT in Win95, but it's buried in an unofficial 
MS book somewhere).

While we're on the subject of clients, has anyone else noticed that the
2.7013.396 WinNT GUI client dosen't save the "Connection" setting (or is this
something fixed in a more recent client)? The entry for it seems to be missing
from the INI file (unless I'm overlooking it). I first ran into it when
installing the client on some laptops which are ALMOST always in use, but 
aren't always connected to the network (really like the "does an update when 
it gets a connection" feature).

Until soon...
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