[RC5] SQL performance tuning [was flaky windows]

van der Stock, Andrew Andrew.vanderStock at nwhcn.org.au
Fri Mar 27 20:35:44 EST 1998

If you need a hand tuning SQL 6.5, give me a tingle. Although I agree you
need more RAM in this case. 100% SQL load is unusual except when you have
massive paging going on. Maybe you should consider another box to actually
run the stored procedures? Are any SPs hung or consuming too much resources?
Are you using too many referential integrity checks or too many triggers?

Do you have tempdb in RAM? Do you have too much in RAM? What's the SQL
working set? How have you adjusted the page file?

For upgrades (when money comes through), I'd suggest UW SCSI and a lot more
RAM (as much as the logic board can handle). If you have to page, may as
well do it as fast as possible, and if you don't have to page all the

Have you tuned the fill factor (saves space more than time)?

Andrew van der Stock
Information Services
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