[RC5] Linux ....

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Fri Mar 27 09:01:04 EST 1998

Hi !

On 24-Mar-98, Joe Zbiciak wrote:

>I've been running the Linux client for awhile now.  So have many, many
>other people on this list.  :-)  Also represented are *BSDers, AIXers,
>and a number of other *nix'ers.  (Heck, I also use the Solaris client!)

>We'll get you set up.  :^)

 >Could you tell us a little bit more about how you're set up?  For instance:

>-- Version of the RC5 client.  This is important, since there are some 
>   versions which aren't as stable.  (Some of the mid 2.700x rc5des clients 
>   had problems switching over from DES to RC5.)

I just have installed 399 build (i was looking for 400 but i found nothing on
d.net ftp) 

>-- Which CPU core was selected.  It may be a subtle interaction problem.
>   Who knows?  When you're trying to chase a strange crashing problem, it's
>   always good to have the relevant facts.

I have selected Pentium II , Pentium Pro core . 

>-- How you are running the client.  (eg.  "In its own directory from my
>   user account."  "As root from /etc/rc.d/rc.local from /usr/rc5."
>   "From /etc/inittab as its own user-id."  etc.)

I'm running it on my user account , on screen. 

>-- Anything else that might be important, including log file snippets if
>   you have any.  (Try to keep the log file snippets germane and concise.
>   This list goes to many, many people.)

It will be hard to keep it , because it will show same state i think. It gets
killed after some time (30% , 60% or 70% of the block) without any reason. 

I tried to set -quiet parameter and & but it just gets killed . But it is
strange because if i left it on the screen but i will not logout (terminal
will be on) it works fine and it doesn't go killed . Weird. 
I tried mt and non-mt versions of the client and nothing. If i'm lucky it will
not get killed but it is doing nothing. Freezes for hours. 


         TomeQ (Tomasz Glowacki) 
         glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl 
            tglow at friko.onet.pl 

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