[RC5] Idea

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Fri Mar 27 09:00:51 EST 1998

Hi !

Is any possibility of making Amiga 68x and PPC GUI client ? This shell one is
working as shell process and you cant iconify client. You have to put it onto
background , and minimize the window. It is a bit weird to keep it working all
the time. 

We have MUI on amiga that will give many cool features to future GUI client.
Posibble client got to have cores for 68020 , 030 , 040 , 060 and PPC , not
only 68x and PPC; Better configuration , Arexx port and many more.


P.S : that was only good idea :)  
         TomeQ (Tomasz Glowacki) 
         glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl 
            tglow at friko.onet.pl 

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