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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sat Mar 28 01:25:14 EST 1998

'James Mastros' said previously:

| > I tried to set -quiet parameter and & but it just gets killed . But it is
| > strange because if i left it on the screen but i will not logout (terminal
| > will be on) it works fine and it doesn't go killed . Weird. 
| > I tried mt and non-mt versions of the client and nothing. If i'm lucky it will
| > not get killed but it is doing nothing. Freezes for hours. 
| Hmm... you are just running it like "rc5des" from the bash command-line?
| If so, then how do you logout?  You probably want to be running "rc5des
| &", then when you logout it shouldn't be killed -- but it might be anyway.
| Run "nohup rc5des &", just to be on the safe side.  (Explanation, for
| those inclined: on exit, the shell normaly sends a "hup" (for hangup)
| signal to some of the processes that it spawned (I'm unclear on the
| alogrithim that it uses to decide which).)

There's another detail:  The process may not receive HUP signal if it
tries to display something to a tty that's no longer logged in, even if
the shell didn't initially send a HUP when you logged out, if I recall
correctly.  The "nohup" command captures the program's output and sends
it to a file to prevent that.

I think the client may still interact with its tty a little even with
-quiet.  Dunno.  If it does, then that'd explain the behavior.  Either
that, or when "login" pops up on that tty, it may force everyone else
off of that tty, possibly killing the programs in the process.

The way I usually launch rc5 on machines where I need to launch it from
my user account is about like so:

(rc5des < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1) &

That usually does the trick.  If nohup'ing is necessary on your box
(for whatever reason) you can change this like so:

nohup sh -c "(rc5des < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1)"&

This forces the client's stdin, stdout, and stderr to go the great
bit-bucket in the sky, rather than your terminal.  If you would rather
log all that output (beyond whatever would be logged by the logfile
setting in the INI), you can redirect to a file of your choosing:

nohup sh -c "(rc5des < /dev/null > somefile.log 2>&1)"&



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