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Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sat Mar 28 04:12:04 EST 1998

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:17:47 -0600, Jim C. Nasby wrote:

>Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:
>>  The BIG difference is to *NOT* set nice=0 - that WILL cause the client
>> to gradually lose CPU priority and slow WAY down. nice=2 works, and
>> doesn't noticeably slow the machine down for other usage.
>Uh... do you happen to have any proof of this? It sounds pretty bizare. I just
>reset my client to nice=2 to test it.
>BTW, please note that the niceness will make a big difference in the keyrate
>while you're using your machine.

Here's the situation:  When a system is idle (win32, unix, or any other preemptive system), the client set at nice=0 (which 
will equal the maximum amount of niceness possible) WILL get all processor time IF the system is idle.  If, for whatever 
reason, you are set at nice=0 and losing speed, this is because some other program is running on your system, such as 
netscape/findfast/etc.  The real solution is not to set nice=2. but rather to find the other program and kill it (nicely, of 

I would not recommend that ANYONE use nice=2, as it will cause noticeable slowdown in some applications.  After all, 
we're out to prove how much we can do with idle cycles; the primary purpose of your computer is still to run the 
foreground applications you use as fast as possible.

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