[RC5] Idea

Roby Van Hoye roby.vanhoye at ficsgrp.com
Mon Mar 30 13:10:27 EST 1998

At 09:00 27/03/98 +0100, you wrote:

>Is any possibility of making Amiga 68x and PPC GUI client ? This shell one is
>working as shell process and you cant iconify client. You have to put it onto
>background , and minimize the window. It is a bit weird to keep it working
>the time. 

Why not simply give it it's own screen ?? It's been a while since I
'amiga-ed' but something like popscreen allowed you to open public screens
etc, I always had open long-term cli's on such screens (using 4 or maybe
even but 2 colors, frees chip memory and speeds up i/o too, which indeed is
not very important in this case)

>We have MUI on amiga that will give many cool features to future GUI client.
>Posibble client got to have cores for 68020 , 030 , 040 , 060 and PPC , not
>only 68x and PPC; Better configuration , Arexx port and many more.

Hmm, I doubt it would make much difference, as I've always seen it most
optimizations had to do with the FPU, and as rc5 doesn't use this kind of
code... Maybe a 020 and a 040 client could make some difference (more cache
As for arexx : maybe a quit and flush command would be nice, but on the
other hand, why bother ? it probably will influence the client's speed and
you could do just the same things writing some fancy scripts (or arrex
scripts if you insist :-)


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