[RC5] Win95 GUI lurk?

Jason Bechtel jbechtel at eng.utoledo.edu
Fri May 1 02:45:31 EDT 1998


> I'm running the Win95 GUI client on my roommate's machine, and I don't
> want it to interfere when he goes home for the summer and loses his
> permanent internet connection. I know the command-line clients can use
> the "-lurk" option to only transfer blocks when an internet connection
> is established; how can I get this GUI client to do the same thing?

	First of all, yes, you can get the Win95GUI client to lurk.  But you
can also get it to do "lurk-only" which is probably better in this
case...  Lurk causes the client to attempt to update (fetch and flush)
when it detects in internet connection as well as at the normal times
(being full of checked blocks or needing unchecked blocks).  Lurk-only
will only attempt to update its buffers when it detects a connection and
will generate random blocks at the other times.
	This brings up a more important concern...  buffer sizes!  First,
estimate how long your roommate's computer will be turned on between
internet connections.  Then, based on the speed of the client on his
machine, calculate how many block he will need to have to keep from
generating a random block during that time.  When you've calculated all
this, add a bunch anyway because random blocks have a high probability
of being duplicated work.  If you want, you could increase the blocksize
to the max (2^31 keys) and make the buffer really big...  That ought to
hold him if he has less than a PII.  :)   Remember, a 2^31 block takes
*8* times as long to process as a 2^28 block...

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