[RC5] Running on OS/2 without TCP/IP ?

Alan J. Bremner warpedsite at base.org
Fri May 1 12:47:29 EDT 1998

On Thu Apr 30 21:22:00 1998 in <893996537snx at warren.demon.co.uk>,
leveret at warren.demon.co.uk (Nick Leverton) said:

> Several of the machines here are running OS/2 without TCP/IP
> installed

> However, I've found the OS/2 native RC5 client won't even
> run offline, because it complains it cannot find tcp32dll.

It might be as simple a solution as copying the file into the RC5
folder. The client may just look for the presence of this DLL at

As TCP32DLL.DLL is only 78K in size, if you want to try this drop me a
note and I'll email a copy to you. I believe this file is part of MPTS
(as that's the folder it is found in on my Warp4 system).

I've also taken the liberty of forwarding your post to the OS/2 RC5

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