[RC5] Win95 GUI lurk?

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Fri May 1 09:56:12 EDT 1998

At 02:47 PM 30/04/98 , you wrote:
>Pardon. I'm running the Win95 GUI client on my roommate's machine, and I
>want it to interfere when he goes home for the summer and loses his permanent
>internet connection. I know the command-line clients can use the "-lurk"
>option to only transfer blocks when an internet connection is established;
>can I get this GUI client to do the same thing?

Upgrade to the latest GUI version, click "file", "enter client configuration".
Then go to the connection tab, and turn on Lurk Only mode. (you could do this
in previous versions, but it actually saves in the latest version, which is
build 400)
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