[RC5] Communal offline NT services

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Sun May 3 20:49:06 EDT 1998

Derek Brost wrote:
> Remi Guyomarch said:
> >> Now the problem is is that when I start the service, it runs in
> >> the offline mode properly, but it reports that there are 0 buffers
> >> in the file \\mymachine-ws\rc5share\buff-in.rc5 and same for the
> >> output buffer. It proceeds to generate random blocks. When I stop
> >> the client it doesn't write any buffers and reports buffer file
> >> errors.
> >
> >Just an educated guess : your service clients runs under the "local
> >system" account (I think it's the default) and thus can't access the
> >NetBEUI network. Change the account to some network account on your NT
> >domain (and grant "modify" permission on the shared directory to this
> >account) and it will work.
> Yes, this seems to be true. Looking under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
> CurrentControlSet\Services\bovrc5nt and the value ObjectName I see "REG_SZ
> : LocalSystem". I tried your suggestion and changed the value
> "LocalSystem" to the name of an account on the NT domain which has
> "change" permissions (no such permission listed as "modify"). After having
> done this, when I try to start the service back up, it gives me the error
> "Invalid service account".

Change the account with the "Services" icon in the config. panel (hmm,
"Panneau de configuration" in French...), and type the account's
password. NT keep funny binary things in the "security" entry for each
services, I think it's where it stores passwords, and it's probably
impossible to change this entry by hand.
You can also do this remotely with the "Server Manager" that comes with
NT Server (even if you aren't the administrator of your domain, I think
you can simply install the admins applets from a NT Server CD).

Hmm, and you also need to grant "Open a session as service" to the
account you want to use. This is done with the local "User Manager"
(don't forget to click on "show advanced rights"). Sorry if it's a bit
vague, it's all from memory.

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