[RC5] More subtle mac clients?

Jérôme Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Mon May 4 01:50:16 EDT 1998

Hi all,

Well, to use the FBA client you have to get a copy  of Megg's GUI client.
Put the GUI client App in the FBA's folder. Open the GUI client. Configure
the client as you would like it to run, give your email address etc. then
quit the GUI client and open the FBA client. Now you can see by its icon
that the FBA client is running, but it doesn't appear in the Application
Menu in the upper right corner. More than that, with a resource editor like
ResEdit you can change its type from 'APPL' to  'appe' and just drop it
into the Extensions folder. Then it'll start up just after the startup
every time.

>There is a link to a FBA at http://www.distributed-mac.net/clients/#meggs
>I don't have a Mac, so I haven't tried it myself.  Hope it helps!

HTH, CUL8er in the gutter.

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