[RC5] Summer

Bojan Baros barosb1 at lasalle.edu
Mon May 4 12:11:15 EDT 1998

In a couple of day, my contribution i d.net is going to decrease, and 
probably completely stop after a while.  Reason : Summer vacation.  I am 
a college student and the clients are installed on couple of computers in 
my school.  Starting this Friday, I won't be able to maintain them 
(updates and so on) and won't be able to make sure that they are 
	I am saying all this because there must be some people with the same 
situation.  I, for instance, contribute only 300-500 blocks a day, but if 
there is a lot of university and high school computers working on this, 
the number could acctually be significant.  I hope it wont be.

Anyways, just wanted to bring this up and to wish everybody a good 
summer... (except to those living in the southern hemisphere -> have a 
good winter)

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