[RC5] Win95 GUI lurk?

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon May 4 02:26:14 EDT 1998

'Jim C. Nasby' said previously:

| Stats on the current status of the subspaces are available at
| www.distributed.net/statistics/graphs. The odd numbered subspaces are the
| random ones, and as you can see they are very empty.

Yes, yes they are.  (I'm interpreting "white" as "not done".  Is that 

You know you've been drinking too much coffee if your peripheral view
looks anything like the "Checked 0x66" graph as you go walking down the
hall.  *whooooosh*

Incidentally, are those bright white "scars" on the 0x66 graph places
where people fetched tons of blocks and didn't return them, or were
those sections never issued?

Also, is it possible to color "assigned" and "not-assigned" blocks
differently on the "checked" graphs?  That'd clear up questions like
the previous one pretty quickly, I'd guess.  :-)



PS. The graphs are cool.  :-)
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