[RC5] NT GUI and Dialer

Stephen Berg sberg at gccweb.net
Mon May 4 09:03:23 EDT 1998

I just migrated to NT and have the latest NT GUI running.  Want I
want to find and get set up is a way to automate dialing.  When the
client needs to fetch and flush it should trigger a dial and update. 
I read the help file and don't particularly like the lurk options. 
If I'm online and it's frequently updating I end up with blocks in
the buffer never being processed since they're LIFO.

I just migrated from OS/2 and my dialer program had a Dial-On-Demand
feature that dialed anytime it saw an application trying to use the
network.  Is there an add on to Dial Up Networking or some other
application that can do this?

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