[RC5] Re: More subtle mac clients?

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Tue May 5 15:04:24 EDT 1998

>     For Mac related RC5 activity, a good place to watch is "The 
>     Distributed Macintosh".  www.distributed-mac.net.  Andrew Meggs' RC5 
>     clients are available at that site at
>     http://www.distributed-mac.net/clients/index.html#meggs
>     You seem to want the FBA (Faceless Background Application).  I know 
>     that an older version of the FBA (probably ~2.6301) included 
>     AppleScript code to check for the existence of the client every so 
>     often and restart it if it had terminated.

All Meggs clients have AppleScript support. The official distributed.net
clients will eventually.

An AppleScript to check if the client had been quit would only be necessary
with non-FBA clients, as the FBA client doesn't show up in the process
menu, so it cannot be quit.
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