[RC5] Re: RAM prices (was Rack stuffed full of motherboards)

Brice D. Fleckenstein ciga at surf-ici.com
Mon May 4 11:58:08 EDT 1998

> Okay, I don't remember ever seeing 72-pin SIMMs as small as 2MB

 1 Meg were the smallest, but they're impossible to find any more.

>      So it looks like it'd be cheaper to get the four 1MB SIMMs to 
>      populate an *old* P5 motherboard than to get a pair of 4MB 72-pin 
>      SIMMs (by perusing the abovementioned sites).

 The ONLY Pentium motherboards I have ever seen that used 30-pin SIMMs
at all need 8 of them, NOT 4 - and are VERY rare birds indeed, as the
only ones I can remember ever seeing were by ASUS or used 5V Pentiums
(P60/P66 specific).

 On the other hand, quite a few Pentium motherboards can actually run
(at a major performance hit to memory access speed) with a single SIMM -
especially SIS and TX chipset boards.

 I currently pay $16 for a PAIR of 4 Meg 72-pin EDO SIMMS - much less
than the $24 your best listed price (at $3/each) for 8 Megs of 30-pin
 Shipping costs should be even on both of those options.


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