[RC5] Active subspaces/random subspaces

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Tue May 5 07:36:17 EDT 1998

> Stats on the current status of the subspaces are available at
> www.distributed.net/statistics/graphs. The odd numbered subspaces
> are the random ones, and as you can see they are very empty.

May I ask why, if we can only hold a total of four active subspaces
on the master key server, that we have two active random subspaces
open.  Half of the active keys that could be handed out are not being
handed out because they are allocated to "random" subspaces.  Given
the present space constraints on the master key server, it would seem
to make more sense to only have a single active random subspace. 
This would allow for three quarters of the total available space on
the master to be allocated to active subspaces, lengthening the time
between subspace redistributions.


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