[RC5] Subspace plots

dbaker at saturn.ops.neosoft.com dbaker at saturn.ops.neosoft.com
Tue May 5 03:17:39 EDT 1998

> | Stats on the current status of the subspaces are available at
> | www.distributed.net/statistics/graphs. The odd numbered subspaces
> are the
> | random ones, and as you can see they are very empty.
> Would it be possible to get some numerical info on subspace status?
> I'd really like to see stats
> 0x66  85% handed out 73% returned
> 0x67  0% handed out 1% returned
> That sort of thing would make much more sense to me than the current
> plots.  For the record, though, my intent is not to complain about
> the subspace plots-- I'm always happy to see improvements made to the
> d.net stats and appreciative of the efforts the d.net staffers make.

Yeah, that's on my feature list for the subspace stats page.  Look for
it in the next few days.

For now, however, here's the data you're looking for:

0x66: 80.18% Checked and 0.00% Sent
0x67: 0.25% Checked and 0.00% Sent (Random keyspace)
0x68: 58.55% Checked and 92.11% Sent
0x69: 0.80% Checked and 0.00% Sent (Random keyspace)


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