[RC5] Active subspaces/random subspaces

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Tue May 5 22:12:47 EDT 1998

At 06:36 AM 05/05/98 , you wrote:
>May I ask why, if we can only hold a total of four active subspaces
>on the master key server, that we have two active random subspaces
>open.  Half of the active keys that could be handed out are not being
>handed out because they are allocated to "random" subspaces.  Given
>the present space constraints on the master key server, it would seem
>to make more sense to only have a single active random subspace. 
>This would allow for three quarters of the total available space on
>the master to be allocated to active subspaces, lengthening the time
>between subspace redistributions.

If I can remember correctly, I believe the reason for opening a second random
subspace was to protect the work that had already been done from being
corrupted if a bug was discovered in the 2.7x clients.  I guess now we're just
sort of stuck with it, altho by now it can be reasonably said that the bug
were worried about doesn't exist.
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