[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #192

Karl G - NOC Admin ovrneith at tqgnet.com
Wed May 6 12:57:41 EDT 1998

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:

>  I just switched one K5-133 box from DOS client running under WFWg 3.11
> (shared buffer files with the LINUX server box's client) to LINUX - I'm
> seeing a 3-4% increase in key rate on this box. Significant enough that
> I'm gonna eventually try it on all my other WFWg / DOS client boxes, now
> that I know it can be done in less than 60 Megs.

good. :)  yes, linux will be faster for just about anything you do....
recompile with only the stuff you need.... (also spesify your processor)
may also give you a preformance boost.

>  The Win16 client, on the other hand, is unstable JUNK at anything
> resembling a high clock tick setting - or it's SLOW when it is stable.

i'd have to say it's Windows that's junk.... ;)

  Karl Grindley
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