[RC5] Active subspaces/random subspaces

Kaupp, Dave dave.kaupp at cubic.com
Wed May 6 17:36:14 EDT 1998

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> At 06:36 AM 05/05/98 , you wrote:
> >May I ask why, if we can only hold a total of four active subspaces
> >on the master key server, that we have two active random subspaces
> >open.  Half of the active keys that could be handed out are not being
> >handed out because they are allocated to "random" subspaces.  Given
> >the present space constraints on the master key server, it would seem
> >to make more sense to only have a single active random subspace. 
> >This would allow for three quarters of the total available space on
> >the master to be allocated to active subspaces, lengthening the time
> >between subspace redistributions.
> If I can remember correctly, I believe the reason for opening a second
> random
> subspace was to protect the work that had already been done from being
> corrupted if a bug was discovered in the 2.7x clients.  I guess now we're
> just
> sort of stuck with it, altho by now it can be reasonably said that the bug
> they
> were worried about doesn't exist.
	 How about sending the blocks from a random keyspace when it hits a
certain percetage of completion. There not that full now, just thinking for
the future. Also, why not use one of the two random keyspaces for the next
subspace instead of starting a new one.

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