[RC5] Hiding the NT service client

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Tue May 5 22:07:57 EDT 1998

At 06:39 AM 05/05/98 , you wrote:
>I have the opportunity to clandestinely install the NT service client on
>several machines that are not actively administered.  Using one of my
>e-mail aliases, I can sufficiently conceal my identity (however a
>determined person could find my personal proxy).

Umm... this is not a good idea. I'm assuming that these boxes are at a
workplace of some sort, hence why you want to conceal their presence and your
identity. However, I recall a person who installed the clients without
permission on Office computers and was fired over it (it was an issue with the
warranty on a server I believe). Your much better off simply explaining to the
administrator what the clients do, then asking for permission to run
them... if
not, then don't run it on those machines.
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