[RC5] Linux Client

Darryl Rogers dgrogers at dctsi.com
Wed May 6 13:29:54 EDT 1998

I have a friend that just started using Linux.  Could someone please respond 
directly to him, I don't currently have a clue.  Maybe someday I will try out 

Thanks,  Darryl

>I have a Linux box (only linux) that I'd like to get keys running on. I'm a
>newbie to Linux, so I don't know how to do it yet. I can get the Linux client
>from a Win95 box connected to the internet (The Linux box is connected by
>floppies). How do I get the client working on Linux? I've copied the .gz file 
>to the Linux drive, and untarred it. But the resulting file will not execute.
>Will there have to be something I have to do to the -in and -out buffers to 
>pass them from Linux to Win95 so I can fetch/flush?
>koehling at usa.net

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