[RC5] New Clients

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed May 6 11:19:27 EDT 1998

Oscar Chang wrote:
>   The following new clients are now available.
> rc5des403-irix6-mips-cli.tar.gz
> rc5des403-linux-m68k-nomt.tar.gz
> rc5des403-linux-sparc-cli.tar.gz
> rc5des403-linux-x86aout-nomt.tar.gz
> rc5des403-solaris-sparc-cli.tar.gz

I guess I'm going to keep asking every month or so.
Do we ever get a new


Supposedly there is a new core out there that's 50% faster
than the one that is presently available.

Sure there's a suggestion of using the DU version, but
all of those except for the gcc build are also dated
from February. There is no example /etc/conf file, no
suggestions on settings. Is there an alpha coder working
at all?

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