[RC5] Linux Client

Isaac zarkon at concentric.net
Thu May 7 01:08:25 EDT 1998

You can use the Win95 box to fetch and flush blocks and use the floppies as
you have it set up, or you can read the faqs and run a serial cable between
the machines and install a proxyper on whichever box has the modem.

If you're running as root on the linux box, you'll probably have to use
"./rc5des" to start the client (but I'd suggest avoiding running as root
because you can break things).

It would perhaps help more if you specified the error displayed when trying
to run the client.

At 12:29 PM 5/6/1998 +00-05, you wrote:
>>I have a Linux box (only linux) that I'd like to get keys running on. I'm
>>newbie to Linux, so I don't know how to do it yet. I can get the Linux
>>from a Win95 box connected to the internet (The Linux box is connected by
>>floppies). How do I get the client working on Linux? I've copied the .gz
>>to the Linux drive, and untarred it. But the resulting file will not

>>Will there have to be something I have to do to the -in and -out buffers
>>pass them from Linux to Win95 so I can fetch/flush?

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