[RC5] Hiding the NT service client

John Vozza john at netrom.com
Thu May 7 01:11:21 EDT 1998

On Wed, 6 May 1998, C Lamothe wrote:

> >From your e-mail I gather that you are an administrator of some type so I
> suppose I understand your view.  However,
> 1)If you worked in a large corp. you would know that asking the MIS dept
> for permission to do anything legit is a major pain in the ass, let alone
> asking permission to install something working to crack encryption.  I can
> see the questions now... viruses?, trojans?, mailing "secrets"?...

Having worked for a major corporation for many years I understand your
statement HOWEVER arent we forgetting that these are THEIR computers? Is
risking your job worth a few "borrowed" CPU cycles?

> 2) I normally follow "official procedures" even though I am a hacker in a
> Elec. Engineers body.

I suggest you continue to do so! ;)

> 3)I have learned that asking forgivness is easier than asking permission.

Not sure if Distributed really wants the bad publicity this can generate
for them.

> 4)The machines are running NT Workstation and are sitting on my/engineers
> desks - idle 90% of the time not doing critical work.

Its your call, its your job...

> 5)I just can't resist all those Pentium II's.

Life can be so unfair at times! 

[rest sniped]

Please dont feel I'm telling you what to do. Its your call. I do believe
you are making a big mistake that the organiziers here mostly likely would
NOT support.

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