[RC5] Chloroform Used To Build Quantum Computer

Hilmar Preusse preusse at physik.phy.tu-dresden.de
Thu May 7 11:42:04 EDT 1998

Karl G - NOC Admin wrote:


Could anybody tell me, what a quantum computer is? Or give me an URL?

> Chloroform Used To Build Quantum Computer
> In a traditional binary computer each bit has a definite state--either 1
> or 0. But in the quantum world, a bit is both 1 and 0.

Quantum world?
Yes quantum world, is a completely other thing, than the normal world.
But it's absolutely nonsense, to assume a thing to be in two states at
the same time. The trick is, that even from the exact calculation we can
only say something about the propability of the thing to be in a special
state. What the correct state is, we can only say, after we measured the
system. Only by opening the box, we can say, if Schr\"odingers cat is
dead or not. The interpretaion of the whole thing is still open. A lot
of things about the measuring process are not yet understood.
Hope I didn't tell too much nonsense.

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