[RC5] LIFO? Is this true?

C. Smith csmith at nikondev.com
Thu May 7 11:41:06 EDT 1998

In reply to Karl G - NOC Admin (ovrneith at tqgnet.com)  who on 5/6/98 1:10 
PM said:

>that's a good question... i asked a similar one before and didn't really
>get the answer i was looking for... ;)  one would think dupage would/could
>be decreased by using a FIFO technique.  I probably have blocks that are
>close to 3 months old on some clients.
Why? It takes less processor time to do it LIFO. That's good enough for 

I will suggest that from time to time (every month or so) you might want 
to be 
sure to flush out all your blocks. No one else will receive your blocks 
to do
for (at this point) at least a month after you get them so every month is 
enough with some safety margin.


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