[RC5] Updates via email

Justin Cave jocave at MIT.EDU
Fri May 8 01:56:41 EDT 1998

At 06:36 PM 5/7/98 +0100, LARKLY at statoil.no wrote
| I was wondering if there would be a possability to include the
feature of
| flushing and fetching the buffers via email

d.net recently added this feature.  Below is part of the announcement
sent to the list about it.

| You now have another method for flushing and fetching your RC5-64
| You may attach a buffer to be flushed to an email sent to
| "flush at distributed.net", and the blocks will be flushed for you and
a short
| "receipt" sent back to you (Note: A lot of people have asked if
this will
| cause your blocks not to count on stats.. Not so. They will be
credited to
| you as usual.) You may also request buffers via email with
| "fetch at distributed.net". We hope this will help people running
clients where
| access to a normal proxy is limited.
| Here is a brief summary of how to use this new flush/fetch method:
| To flush a buffer of completed blocks:
| 1) Create an email to "flush at distributed.net"
| 2) Attach your buffer to be flushed using either UUencoding or MIME
| encoding.  It must be called "buff-out.rc5"
| 3) Send the email
| That's all there is to flushing. The blocks will be flushed to a
| proxy, and you can view the statistics for the proxy at
| http://www.interlog.com/~tcharron/myrc5home/ The pages are updated
once a
| day.
| To Fetch a buffer of new blocks:
| 1) Create and email to "fetch at distributed.net"
| 2) Determine the size of the blocks and buffers you need. The
default is 100
| blocks of 2^28 keys.
| 3) If you need a buffer of a different size, you can use the
| option to change the size of the blocks you will receive, and the
| "numblocks=yyyy" to change the number of blocks you will receive.
| place the options anywhere in the body of your message. For example, to
| retrieve a buffer of 250 block of 2^30 keys each, you would place the
| following in the body of your message to "fetch at distributed.net":
| blocksize=30
| numblocks=250
| blocksize may be an integer from 28 to 31, and numblocks may be an
| from 0 to 1000.
| 4)Send your message. Your buffer will be mailed to you within a few
| A few things to remember:
| 1)The content of any messages sent to either "flush at distributed.net" or
| "fetch at distributed.net" besides blocksize and numblocks commands
will be
| ignored.
| 2)It may take some time for you to receive your buffers. Don't
expect them
| to return to you instantly.
| 3)Flushing by e-mail will not change your stats. The stats still
| the blocks as belonging to the person who's email is set in the
client which
| cracked them. If your client is set up with the email address
| "johndoe at fakedomainname.com" the stats will attribute them to that
| address, regardless of how they are flushed.
Justin Cave <jocave at mit.edu>

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