[RC5] Subspace Checked/Sent Graphs

David Taylor David_Taylor at msn.com
Fri May 8 22:34:37 EDT 1998

Ok.. I assume the reason that only 0x64 has sent data for it is because that
is the only 'active' subspace (ie: the only subspace the server is sending
blocks out from).  But what is the difference between white/grey/black?
White = Unchecked (Or unsent in the sent graphs)
Grey = ????? (It doesnt appear in the sent graphs, or in 0x64)
Black = Checked (Or sent)

Is grey the sent, but not checked blocks?  If so, wouldnt all the keyspaces
except the active one be completely grey or black?

Or, is grey an area which has some blocks checked, and some not.. but then..
wouldnt the sent graph have some areas sent, but others not? I haven't seen
grey in ANY of the sent graphs (ok, there has only been 2..)

Just wondering..
David Taylor
David_Taylor at msn.com
The X-Files Home Page

P.S.  How have we already sent/checked 0.11% of the DES stuff?  The project
hasnt started yet. Is it test data to check the clients, or what?  (And why
do the graphs say we have sent/checked 50% of the stuff???)

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