[RC5] RC5- Conflicts with UPS.EXE in NT

Bruce D. Meyer bmeyer at rocsoft.net
Fri May 8 23:57:08 EDT 1998

I noticed my Server's UPS.EXE pegging out at 100% after I installed both the
GUI, then uninstalled that and installed the NT Service version or RC5. I
appears to be a dependency thing. UPS.EXE does not peg out, after
uninstalling the RC5 software. I am running NT4, SP3. Has anyone else ever
experienced this and know of a work around? I was forced to remove all the
software to keep the network running smoothly. I would like to put it back
on, along with two other computers. Along that line:
	I wanted to e the same group of blocks on the network. My way of doing it,
perhaps erroneously, was to install RC5 on the server. Then Install the GUI
client on two separate Win95 machines. I then edited the registry to point
to where the files resided on the server (It's mapped equivalent) which
seemed to work well. Then, the only purpose of the files in each workstation
was to initially, provide the automated registry SubKey adding, and
subsequently uninstall the SubKeys and files from the workstations. It seems
to me, if their were a way to edit the "ini" file with a path to where the
shared blocks were, this would be a lot smoother. I could then force the
server, (On the outside of the firewall) to request a big group of blocks.
The each workstation could request a sub-from the server. (Running
in -runoffline mode at each workstation) then, when all the blocks are done,
the server, can flush/fetch.
	Am I lost in space?
	Thanks for help.
	Bruce "Distributed.Newbie " Meyer

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