[RC5] The search for OGR-21 is over! Nothing new was found.

Jason Bennett jasonab at home.com
Sat May 9 22:36:38 EDT 1998

Shannon Jones wrote:

> Although a new ruler wasn't found, we did prove that the previously known
> ruler of length 332 was the shortest possible.  The group is trying to
> decide exactly what project to work on next.  OGR-22 is likely, but it is
> about 15 times harder than OGR-21.  Other possibilities include 'Sparce
> Rulers', and searching for 'better' (or shorter) rulers that may or may not
> be optimal.

Glad the other distributed efforts are going strong.

This is, however, another reason to get v3 going ASAP. If the rulers
were under the auspices of d.net, they could do another d.net project
while waiting for their team to decide what to do. Less time wasted, and
less people stopping clients and never restarting.

Any news on v3?


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