[RC5] MSVCRT.DLL missing... why?

Greg Ackerson jogar at bigfoot.com
Sun May 10 00:39:39 EDT 1998

When I ran the Win95/NT GUI v.400 on a fresh install of Win95, I see it 
decompress a bunch of files and then pop up a window saying "Error: cannot 
execute main program." No other error message. It deleted the decompressed 
files after I exited the program, so I tried again and looked around 
before exiting... off the root in FITMP000.000 were the decompressed 
files. When I ran FIMAIN.EXE, it complained I didn't have MSVCRT.DLL and 
aborted. When I copied that file off my other, venerable Win95 box, the 
v.400 install worked fine. My question is: is MSVCRT.DLL's absence 
indicative of an incorrect 95 installation, and if not, shouldn't the 
install program *tell* you what's missing so you can fix it, instead of 
just aborting with the aforementioned ambiguous error?

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