[RC5] Auto contest switching not working in offline clients

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Mon May 11 17:08:52 EDT 1998

I have a non-networked DOS machine and an OS/2 machine, both of which
run offline with blocks transferred by floppy.  On the DOS machine, when
it runs the 7011.394 DOS client in "-runoffline" mode, it will happily
work on buff-in.rc5 if buff-in.des is empty, without needing to change
the ini file by hand.  

On both the DOS 7020.403 client and the OS/2 7017.400 client, I find
that I have to set "contestdone2=1" by hand in the ini file, otherwise
the client silently exits, even though buff-in-rc5 is full of prime keys
just waiting to be cracked :)

Is this expected behaviour in these most recent clients ?  I see the
contestdone flag is new at v398 - was allowance made for wholly offline
clients in adding it ?  Or, for the next DES challenge, will I have to
remember to reset the flag manually on however many clients I may have
running by then ?

Nick Leverton
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