[RC5] Updates via email

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Mon May 11 12:50:45 EDT 1998

Are there any mechanisms for dealing with bounces of email fetchs ?
Since the address appears on the Web, it will assuredly get spam.  And
that spam will presumably cause a block to be checked out and sent to
the spammer (hence also incidentally confirming it as a "live" mail
address to receive more spam).  Or if someone genuinely mails it but
using a spamblocked address (don't laugh, some people are silly and
impolite enough to send email without removing a news-posting spamblock)
- what will happen to the inevitable bounce ?  I know that in the end
"vanished" blocks will probably be re-done if the key isn't found first
time through the keyspace, but it does distress my tidy mind if keys
might go missing :-)

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