[RC5] The search for OGR-21 is over! Nothing new was found.

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Mon May 11 11:20:14 EDT 1998

Jason Bennett wrote:
> Shannon Jones wrote:
> > Although a new ruler wasn't found...<snip>
> Glad the other distributed efforts are going strong.
> This is, however, another reason to get v3 going ASAP. If the rulers
> were under the auspices of d.net, they could do another d.net project
> while waiting for their team to decide what to do. Less time wasted, and
> less people stopping clients and never restarting.

Believe me. A good percentage of those golomb folks are also
running d.n clients. On my linux boxes, the 'other distributed
projects' are just one notch higher in priority than the rc5des

For instance, the GR client was never as fully automated as
the current crop of d.n clients are, so when it ran out of
data, it would stop. In that case, the rc5 client would pick
up the cpu and take over the 'idle' time. Then I'd manually
load a new stub for the GR and start it up and rc5 would sink
to the background, not a big deal at all.

Until the GR project gets going again, I think I'm going to
switch to Mersenne Primes.

Don't worry, when DES2-2 comes around, I'll drop the other
stuff, probably a week or so in advance. If I ever get an
updated client, I'll even go through the trouble of upgrading...

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