[RC5] LIFO? Is this true?

Michael K. Weise mkw at att.net
Sun May 10 09:59:59 EDT 1998

Joe Zbiciak wrote:
> Agreed.  Most filesystems (including the widely used FAT filesystem)
> perform horribly when there's many files in a directory.
> Many Unixes also bog down horribly, since most directory searches are
> linear, and these long linear searches occur in kernel space --
> effectively halting the whole system while the kernel looks for a
> particular file to open.  (That's big part of why news servers which
> store each article as a separate file get so heavily bogged down,
> actually.  A news admin friend of mine showed me this first-hand.)
> Some OS's use a more intelligent directory structure (eg. b-tree, or
> other log(n) type of structure) that scales a little better with the
> number of files, 

Interesting. Would you happen to know which file systems do that?

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