[RC5] Subspace plots

R. Kelley Cook kcook at ibm.net
Mon May 11 11:58:40 EDT 1998

On Fri, 8 May 1998 09:00:50 -0700 (), Martin Stoufer wrote:

>Speaking of subspace plots, I finally got around to looking at the webage for the stats. Whoever is responsible for it, a fine job in every aspect. I noticed one odd thing while viewing the 'large' views of the subspaces. While loading the subspace plot image, there appeared to be a shimmering effect to the image. 
>At first I thought it was a realtime update of the plot, but after that I was just stumpted. Is this just an artifact generated in Netscape or is it still trying to process more information?

If you are seeing shimmering, then it is likely you're running at too
low a refresh for your monitor, which tends to have the nasty side
effect of destroying your eyesight. =(

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