[RC5] LIFO? Is this true?

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Mon May 11 11:22:50 EDT 1998

     Probably.  buff-* files used by pproxies don't have to permit 
     multiple-process sharing.  FIFO on pproxies could be as easy as 
     making new *files* on every fetch and emptying one file before 
     starting on the next.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: Re: [RC5] LIFO?  Is this true? 
Author:  <rc5 at llamas.net> at SMTP
Date:    5/8/98 11:29 AM

Besides, from what I understand, FIFO buffering code has already been 
written for the personal proxies anyway. Would it really be that much 
trouble to re-use that code for the clients? 
I would guess that at least 95% of all unreturned blocks are due to LIFO 
buffering by clients running in lurk mode; thus LIFO vs. FIFO is everything 
but trivial.
Michael                        [writing to you from 40°15'37"N 74°57'49"W]

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