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David Taylor David_Taylor at msn.com
Tue May 12 23:18:51 EDT 1998

> Are there any mechanisms for dealing with bounces of email fetches ?


> Since the address appears on the Web, it will assuredly get spam.  And
> that spam will presumably cause a block to be checked out and sent to
> the spammer (hence also incidentally confirming it as a "live" mail
> address to receive more spam).

Yup it will most probably get spam, *however* I don't think that the
server will give out blocks in most cases, as the email is supposed to
numblocks = <num>
blocksize = <28-31>
in it to say how many blocks / what size blocks you want, now I doubt that
most spam has that in it.. more like 'Get Free Live Video Sex for $9999'
(Yes I know that is a contradiction, but believe me, I have had a spam
saying that)

So, hopefully spam wont bother it, other than, of course, wasting

Someone could deliberately force it to send 10000000s of blocks out, which
never get checked, but they can do the same with the normal method..

> Or if someone genuinely mails it but
> using a spamblocked address (don't laugh, some people are silly and
> impolite enough to send email without removing a news-posting spamblock)
> - what will happen to the inevitable bounce ?  I know that in the end
> "vanished" blocks will probably be re-done if the key isn't found first
> time through the keyspace, but it does distress my tidy mind if keys
> might go missing :-)

You answered it yourself, although, actually the blocks are re-sent each
2^56 key SUBSPACE of the 2^64 key keyspace, so we have actually re-sent
blocks from some subspaces already (I think 0x64 is being re-sent now).

Don't worry, the keys wont go missing.. it just might take us a month
or so to process that exact key, but we will still process other keys
in the meantime, so it wouldn't make any difference....

 David Taylor
 The Sci-Fi TV Web Zone
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