[RC5] Dos Client

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Thu May 14 10:36:59 EDT 1998

In article <199805130957.LAA23354 at pathfinder.dfh.dk> Lars Svane Kreissl
Kristensen <lakr at mail.dfh.dk> writes:
>I'm running the latest dos-client on a stand alone-computer, and for pure
>convenience I've fetched a lot of blocks; but everytime the client has
>finished a block it stops running ??
>I've made a batch-file calling itself, but there must be another way to
>make it work.

I reported this a couple of days ago, to the accompaniment of widespread
apathy.  It's the new contestdone= flag, I think.  Up to v397, an
client would process DES buffers if there were any and auto-switch to
RC5 if there weren't.  Now it doesn't do this automatically in an
offline client, but you have to manually set contestdone2=1 in the ini
file.  If you do this, it will process all the RC5 blocks.

This is a considerable pain in the neck if you're herding a number of
offline clients - they all need to be changed by hand, and will all need
to be changed manually when the next DES contest comes along.  I hope it
will be unbroken again in the near future.

CC personally and to the list.

Nick Leverton
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