[RC5] Dupes

Peter A. DeNitto denitto at llamas.net
Fri May 15 11:23:41 EDT 1998

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Jim C. Nasby wrote:

> Hmmm... you might be right about the 40% Brice, but I'm certain that the dupe
> count was much more than 1%. Perhapse Daa or AldE could shed some light...? :)
> Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:
> > > > The last time Daa posted stats on our dupe rate, I believe that
> > > > something like 40% of the blocks returned were dupes, mostly from old 2.64
> > > > clients.
> > >
> > > Yeah, I still haven't figured that one out. Why would old
> > > clients preferentially be producing dupes?
> >
> >  It is an error in reading the stats - the 40% figure was actually
> > "appx. 40% of all dupes are from 2.640x clients" - NOT "40% of the
> > blocks produced by such clients are dupes".
> >
> >  From what I remember of the actual total stats, well under 1% of all
> > blocks were dupes on that day.

Lemme find my post...

Old clients account for 39% of all blocks submitted.  With the dupes,
that's 43%.  The chance that any old client is doing a duplicate block is

New Clients account for 61% of all blocks submitted.  With dupes it is
57%.  The chance a new client is doing a dupe block is 9%.

Speed for the day 04/07 was 14,734,145,666 keys/sec.  Dupes sucked
2,462,851,812 keys/sec from that.  If there were 0 dupes, and all dupes
are checked we could have done 17,196,997,478 keys/sec on 04/07.  This
means d.net runs at about 85% of optimum speed. 

It's not 1% nor 40%.  It's about 15% of all blocks turned in are dupes.

Old clients do 40% of all blocks.  22% of 40% are dupes.  
New clients do 60% of all blocks.  9% of 60% are dupes.

If you can get to those stranded clients, please upgrade them.  This
should not be a "Why?" type of thing, it should be a "Ok, as soon as I can
get to them" kinda thing instead.


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