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gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Fri May 15 15:59:42 EDT 1998

     Currently, I use batch files on Windows95 to do the following for 
     the tower of i386/DOS clients I run:
     1) copy the buff-* files to a Win3.x client directory
     2) launch the Win3.x client to flush and fetch
     3) write the buff-* files, and all other client files to the floppy.
     This way, I can update the *.ini file in one place and the change is 
     reflected in every DOS client during the next flush/fetch cycle.  
     New clients are installed at that time.
     Unfortunately, the following reasons have necessitated that I can't 
     do this any more:
     1) There is no Win3.x client capable of handling current buff-* 
     2) The Win95 client I have (2.7016.400) detects other running 
     instances and thus can't be used to fetch and flush if my main 
     cracking client is running.
     3) That same Win95 client seems to alter the registry auto-start 
     entries to run the same client that was the last one run.
     2) and 3) necessitate that I stop my normal cracking client for the 
     couple of hours it takes to fiddle with all the disks.  Then I have 
     to remember to explicitly restart it, otherwise, the one running off 
     the i386 buffers starts on the next reboot/relogin.
     I'm certainly ready to have a usable Win3.x client as that would 
     eliminate all of the current problems with this scheme.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: Re: [RC5] Dos Client 
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Date:    5/14/98 9:36 AM

In article <199805130957.LAA23354 at pathfinder.dfh.dk> Lars Svane Kreissl 
Kristensen <lakr at mail.dfh.dk> writes:
>I'm running the latest dos-client on a stand alone-computer, and for pure 
>convenience I've fetched a lot of blocks; but everytime the client has 
>finished a block it stops running ??
>I've made a batch-file calling itself, but there must be another way to 
>make it work.
I reported this a couple of days ago, to the accompaniment of widespread 
apathy.  It's the new contestdone= flag, I think.  Up to v397, an
client would process DES buffers if there were any and auto-switch to 
RC5 if there weren't.  Now it doesn't do this automatically in an 
offline client, but you have to manually set contestdone2=1 in the ini 
file.  If you do this, it will process all the RC5 blocks.
This is a considerable pain in the neck if you're herding a number of 
offline clients - they all need to be changed by hand, and will all need 
to be changed manually when the next DES contest comes along.  I hope it 
will be unbroken again in the near future.
CC personally and to the list.
Nick Leverton
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