[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #199

Jérôme Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Wed May 20 01:26:19 EDT 1998

>Jim C. Nasby wrote:
>> Brice D. Fleckenstein wrote:
>> > > I don't give a flip about dupes that I produce because
>> > > > I don't produce very many.
>> > >
>> > > How are you so sure?  As far as I can tell D.NET don't give out personal
>> > > duping stats?
>> >
>> >  It's pretty easy to compare "blocks sent to d.net" and "blocks
>> > reported" on the stats page.
>> >
>> Uhm... try doing that if you're running ~100 machines and they're not going
>> through a pproxy... :P
>That sounds like a good reason to run a pproxy.
>Add the coolness of a "personal stats page" where you can do
>whatever you want...

Yeah cool. When do we get a PProxy for PowerPC? (Under MKLinux, or AIX, or
MacOS8/Rhapsody). I've tride to send a request to
rc5-coders at lists.distributed.net and it came back with a user unknown

CUL8er in the dumpster.

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