[RC5] OK What's this cool looking stats offset thing?

MiltonForté II forte at writeme.com
Mon May 18 19:34:25 EDT 1998

In <19980517224039.B3445 at slacker.com>, on 05/17/98 
   at 11:40 PM, David McNett <nugget at slacker.com> said:

>On 17-May-1998, dan carter wrote:
>> Is it the change in rank since the last day/stats run?

>You got it!  For those who haven't looked at the stats in the past day or
>so, Dan is refering to the latest feature added to the stats site.  Now,
>next to each ranking is a +/- offset (in green or red) showing the change in
>rank since the last stats update.

I like it! Now, what about a Top 100 of the greatest movers?

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