[RC5] Which sub-keyspace comes next

Thomas Grewe Thomas.Grewe at strz.uni-giessen.de
Tue May 19 18:10:33 EDT 1998

As the keyspace plots seem to be not updated/broken for some days,
I wonder how the progress was in the 0x64-sub-keyspace.
When I look at my log-files, it seems that the block numbers were 
(nearly) montonous rising in this sub-keyspace. I seethe clients coming
now to the 0x64F-blocks, so I assume the remaining part of this
sub-keyspace has been resent. Will there be another keyspace resent, or
will a new one be opened ? 
Another question. Blocks of which random keyspaces are accepted then ? 

Looks like we are going over the 1%-margin today. Might be still a long
way to go, but if the right key would be found these days, are the current
clients prepared to do RC5-72 ?


Thomas Grewe
email: Thomas.Grewe at strz.uni-giessen.de
WWW:  http://www.uni-giessen.de/~gl23/
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